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Married Maid Caught in Action With Employer

The hubby, Muni approached the court seeking compensation of nine (9) beasts.

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Married Maid Caught in Action With Employer

A disrespectful man who was bedding his married domestic worker for years after he was recently caught red-handed, having quality time with her in a thicket, by the woman’s alert husband.

The disgraced man, Trymore Tsatsa, of Domborembizi Village in Makoni District was recently yanked to Chief Makoni’s community court for allegedly cheating with Lawrence Muni’s wife, Purity.

Purity occasionally works for Tsatsa as a domestic worker.

This, according to a visibly aggrieved Muni, gave Tsatsa the unrestrained opportunity to pounce on his wife.

Muni approached the court seeking compensation of nine beasts, but was eventually awarded two after the court found Tsatsa guilty of adultery.

Muni told the community court that after being tipped of Tsatsa’s sordid shenanigans with his wife, he hacked his wife’s cellphone.

As a result, the lovebirds’ steamy love messages appeared in his mobile phone.

After gathering concrete evidence of their adulterous shenanigans, he set up a trap and caught the two lovebirds having quality time in a nearby bush. Muni said:

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I heard through the grapevine that Tsatsa was dating my wife, and decided to hack her phone.

All the communication between them was also being directed to my mobile phone. Armed with that information, I trapped them.

Tsatsa invited my wife to their love nest at a nearby bush. He said he would come on his motorbike.

I ambushed them and caught them in the act.

I want Tsatsa to pay me nine beasts for cheating with my wife and destroying my marriage.

Married Maid Caught in Action With Employer

Purity showed remorse and admitted to cheating on her hubby by dating Tsatsa.

She confessed having been intimate with him countless times. Purity said:

Yes, it is true that I have been dating Tsatsa for a very long time. We have been intimate for a long time, but have been consistently using protection on all the occasions.

However, Tsatsa denied bedding Purity. He later admitted dating her, claiming that she had lied to him that she was not married. He said:

It is true that I was in love with her. However, I never slept with her. Before I proposed love to her, I asked her several times if she was not married, and she insisted that she was a single mother.

She is lying through her teeth that we have been intimate on countless occasions.

We agreed to meet at a certain place, and that is when her husband (Muni) arrived and accused me of dating his wife.

He never caught us in the act as he claims.

Following Tsatsa’s denials, Purity was asked by the court to describe Tsatsa’s manhood which she gladly did.

She left the court in stitches when she described Tsatsa in graphic detail.

Tsatsa was found guilty of adultery, and was ordered to pay Muni two beasts. He was also ordered to pay the costs of the lawsuit.

He was further fined another beast for destroying Muni’s marriage. The court ruled:

Tsatsa is just denying the allegations for the sake of it. There are text messages which prove that he was dating Purity.

The two lovebirds stay in the same village, and obviously he knew that Purity was married to Muni.

Muni also caught him sleeping with his wife, and Purity admitted to this and went on to correctly described his privates.


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