The Ministry Of Health’s Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control, Dr Manangazira has explained the reasons behind the recent increase in cases of local transmission of the coronavirus.

These include water, hygiene and sanitation issues, the mingling of returnees with locals, and overwhelmed treatment centres. Said Dr Manangazira:

We were saved by the lockdown as this helped by keeping the number of transmissions low.

However, we are noticing that water, sanitation and hygiene issues have become a major challenge and have contributed to the spike in local transmissions.

There is also the issue of returnees in quarantine centres. Some returnees are not adhering to regulations.

Our treatment centres are also overwhelmed so all this can contribute to local transmissions. The rise in local transmission has also coincided with the influenza season.

So we are expecting an increase — that is the reason why we need all hands to be on the deck.

Dr Manangazira added that areas such as Matabeleland South are the hotspots for COVID-19 given the Beitbridge and Plumtree borders and health officials will be on high alert in such areas.

Meanwhile, the total number of coronavirus cases attributed to local transmissions is now 107, with 22 recorded in a single day (04 July 2020).

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