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King’s Disease III: Nas Hits Another Career Peak

Describes his chemistry with Hit Boy as that of Michael and Quincy

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Even if the 2020s have been strange, one item has indeed been consistently provided throughout this decade. New releases from the King’s Disease collaboration between Nas and Hit-Boy.

Michael Jackson and his producer Quincy Jones

It’s amazing to see Nas’ career in such a resurgence. He’s 30 years old and is on a three-album streak that matches the finest albums by most rappers. Nas raises the standard in the third instalment of his “King’s Disease” trilogy.

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I can say with absolute certainty that King’s Disease III is the finest part three of a piece I’ve ever heard or seen. Nas is a rare example of a rap icon that consistently releases albums each year. With the rapper releasing music more frequently, one may anticipate a dip in the caliber of his work—especially given that he works on each record alongside the same team in the studio. On King’s Disease III, however, Nas and Hit-Boy demonstrated that their artistic affinity and charisma only grow more astounding each time.

Hit-Boy has advanced considerably. More than at any other time in his career, Nas and him appear to sync stronger than before. I’m at a loss for standouts since this is so good. Nas dominates each track, even if I don’t like the trap sounds on 30 and Til My Last Breath



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