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Zimbabwe Trans Blogger Tatelicious Arrested

They identify as 'she' but travel documents say they are a 'he'

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Zimbabwe Trans Blogger Tatelicious has been arrested in South Africa.

Born a male in Harare's Budiriro suburb, Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe left Zimbabwe for Sweden where they later had a sex change before they had a brief marriage with one Richard Sandberg.

In March 2022, they was evicted from a mansion in Saltvik which they lost in legal proceedings. Tatelicious' husband Richard Sandberg had given them the mansion but had stopped paying the mortgage to the bank because the two were no longer together.

Tatelicious had repeatedly asked Richard, to let them take over the loan so they could pay it off themself and continue to live in the house, but he had refused, simply because he wanted to see them suffer. Tatelicious' claims that their former husband wanted to see them suffer contradicted earlier claims that their split was amicable and that the two were still best friends.

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Fans react to Tatelicious arrest

Some say the arrest is over a work permit.

Another fan says it's over passport details

Saymore a top fan defending her gender preferences.


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