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Dramatic Mai TT Demands Divorce From Tinashe

Tinashe Maphosa has not been attending court sessions for a lawsuit he filed against the Mai TT.

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Dramatic social media personality Mai TT has pleaded with her ex-husband Tinashe Maphosa to sign their divorce papers as she cannot wait to be remarried.

Mai Titi made the plea in a Facebook post where she also revealed that Maphosa has not been attending court sessions for a lawsuit he filed against the comedienne.

“Nhaimi undertaker mupenyu here? zvaatakutongodidana kuma courts maroya ake asingauye. Asi arikushaya mari kana kuti akafa?

I’m now worried ka. Ko unotangireyi nyaya dzemari usingazvikwanise? Usafewo usina kuSigner divorce purizi unongozivawo handigone kugara ndisina kuchata futi.

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Ndaramba kuita mukadzi wechipoko. Budikirawo zve nhai iwe. Nhasi maroya angu afambira mahara kucourt ka.”

Mai Titi had a flamboyant wedding with Maphosa where she splashed up to US$100 000 in April last year.

So extravagant was the wedding ceremony that she invited South African songbird, Kelly Khumalo to serenade guests. However, it later turned out that she did not fork the whole amount from her own pocket. According to the drama queen, she borrowed some of the money in anticipation that her husband would reimburse as agreed.

Alas, after the wedding, Maphosa did not honour his word, which led to Mai Titi’s public meltdown. The public spat degenerated into separation barely four months after their wedding.


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