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Zimbo Entrepreneur Making African-Inspired Ice Creams

Making more than 600 African-Inspired flavours, Tapi Tapi Deserts is one of the most innovative ice cream shops.

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Zimbabwe Molecular Biologist and Entrepreneur, Dr. Tapiwa Guzha is making African-inspired ice creams with indigenous flavours.

Tapi Tapi is a Shona idiom for yum yum, has become a flourishing brand in one of Africa’s iconic tourist resorts.

Dr. Tapiwa Guzha is the founder of Tapi Tapi ice cream shop in Cape Town, South Africa the world's most inventive ice cream producer.

Tapi Tapi is an exploration of distinctive African flavors – many of which carry huge symbolism particularly to sons and daughters of the soil.

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Using something as common and widely-loved as ice cream, Guzha is making indigenous flavours more accessible for people to experience.

He produces over 600 ice cream flavours with indigenous African fruits. His tubs of frozen dessert stir up conversations about what local food really is. For Tapiwa Guzha, ice cream is a way to build community and identity.

His intention is to celebrate and recognize flavours indigenous to the African continent as a way of rehabilitating esteem issues around local food.


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