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Paedophilic Johanne Marange Man Who Married 10yo Girl Arrested

The niece was brought from Bocha by Muzorora’s first wife, who sought to have her husband acquire a seventh wife.

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A 65-year-old member of the Johanne Marange apostolic sect, Johanne Muzorora, has found himself in the eye of a storm after allegedly marrying his first wife’s 10-year-old niece, thus sparking a widespread outcry over the violation of child rights.

The unfolding events paint a disturbing picture of familial relationships intertwined with contentious desires. It is believed that the niece was brought from Bocha by Muzorora’s first wife, who sought to have her husband acquire a seventh wife.

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This highly unconventional arrangement has shocked and appalled many, thrusting the case into the spotlight of social media and igniting a fierce debate surrounding child protection.

Responding to public outrage, the Masvingo Police took swift action, leading to the arrest of Muzorora in Village 7, Matedzi. However, due to legal procedures, he was released after being held for less than 48 hours.

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Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa, the Police Spokesperson, shed light on the situation, stating,

“He is staying at his homestead and has been advised against leaving his village until investigations are completed.”

The Masvingo Mirror reports that following the arrest, the young girl was located in Bocha, Mutare, where she had allegedly been sent to evade law enforcement.

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To ensure her well-being, she has been placed in a safe house and underwent a thorough medical examination. Inspector Dhewa expressed the gravity of the situation, revealing that the examination results will play a crucial role in determining the severity of the charges against Muzorora.


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