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Guy Has Destroyed When He Attempts To Contact Ladies Clingy

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This person made an effort to Play Like ladies are Clingy And have Rooooasted On Facebook

The Story

Everyone knows that women are clingier than guys, appropriate? JK. Which is merely a stereotype. Until we've some difficult research about, i am gonna call-it a draw. Real truth is, you will find male clingers and feminine clingers. Quite often, guys attempt to play like they never ever find feelings, then again each goes and perform some ridiculous junk like hijack an airplane in order to get in touch with their particular ex. When women tend to be clingy no less than it is simply, like, expecting you to answer their particular text messages. 

Well, talking about hijacking, one guy's snarky fb status had gotten hijacked TRICKY lately. This guy Ben made an effort to play like he was cold as ice and never a stage-five clinger. Let us read the carnage:

The Snapshot

And that is whenever Jessica dropped the bomb:

And Daphné joined up with in:

And Anika sent the death-blow:

The Lesson

The funny thing about delivering folks messages is the fact that those messages are actual easy to screenshot. If you should be will be clingy whenever chatting women, knock yourself . Perhaps whomever you're wanting to message can be into it — the internet matchmaking globe is filled with great men and women. (Although… don't state “hey” 60 times to people. That's simply scary.)

However, if you are going to trash-talk a whole sex when your own record is significantly less than clean… appears like you better be prepared for some FB message skeletons ahead from cabinet. R.I.P. Ben's reputation.

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Taylor Chiyangwa

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