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EFF's Malema Tells Zimbos to Go Back Home & Vote

Speaking at the EFF’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, Malema urged Zimbabweans to take responsibility for their own misfortunes

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Julius Malema, the president of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has called upon Zimbabwean nationals residing in South Africa to return home to vote.

Speaking at the EFF’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, Julius Malema urged Zimbabweans to take responsibility for their own misfortunes and forge a brighter future.

Julius Malema’s call went beyond political rhetoric as he challenged Zimbabweans to shift their focus from blaming others to taking charge of their destiny and casting their votes for a government that would restore peace and prosperity to their homeland.

Malema called upon Zimbabweans living in South Africa to return to their country and vote. He emphasized that this was an opportunity for them to actively participate in shaping the future they desired, rather than relying on others or assigning blame for their challenges.

Julius Malema asserted:

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We call on all Zimbabweans who are here in South Africa to go back home and vote. If it means coming back, they can come back.

They are more than welcome. But they must do the right thing and go and vote. No one is going to fight for these Zimbabweans who are loitering the streets here. They are their own liberators.

Malema challenged Zimbabweans to break free from the cycle of blame and take ownership of their own misfortunes. He urged them to recognize that they held the solutions to their country’s challenges and that casting their votes on August 23, 2023, was the first step towards rebuilding a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe.

Malema emphatically stated:

For once they must take responsibility and get into buses and go home and vote.

Zimbabweans are called upon to go home and vote and stop blaming other people for their own misfortunes which they’ve got solutions to and that solution is August 23, 2023.

In a practical show of support, Malema announced that the EFF would assist Zimbabwean nationals in returning home to cast their votes. He encouraged them to approach EFF offices for assistance, offering to rent buses to facilitate their journey back to Zimbabwe.

Julius Malema’s gesture aimed to remove logistical barriers and ensure that Zimbabweans had the opportunity to exercise their democratic right.


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