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Harare Town House Building Flooding

The basement has been filled with water back feeding from the underground river that flows under Julius Nyerere Way

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Harare Town House Building Flooding

A major disaster is looming at Town House amid revelations that its basement has been filled with water back feeding from the underground river that flows under Julius Nyerere Way.

Historical documents of the city that have been kept for years are at risk of being destroyed as the water has filled the whole basement where they are being kept.

So dire is the situation that ZESA as ordered the local authority to switch off power to avoid a possible fire outbreak at the premises.

However, the council has been reportedly adamantly defied switching off power totally as it is now using a generator.

Two pumps that traditionally used to drain the water when it sipped through the cracks along the foundation, are malfunctioning resulting in the water flowing faster into the building.

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume yesterday said they contacted the National Archives of Zimbabwe and and Art Gallery to drain the water without damaging the historical documents. Mafume said:

There has been a problem and you must remember there has been a lot of rains and there are cracks in the basement where water has sipped into the building.

We were going to pump it out using our water pumps.

We had a meeting with the National Archives and the Art Gallery.

There are some documents that are in that basement, historical documents that need a certain type of draining to be done in order to preserve them.


Harare Town House Building Flooding 

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Former ZACC commissioner Farai Chinyani and her husband Tendai Chinyani appeared in court yesterday facing a charge of malicious damage to property.

The duo allegedly damaged a boom gate in Borrowdale after trying to enter a residential area by force.

Harare magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi remanded Farai (49) and Tendai (60), both Borrowdale residents, out of custody to April 16 for possible trial commencement.

The complainant is Carrick Creagh security represented by Cornilious Tsikiwa, who is the chief security officer.

Prosecutor Ms Kudzai Manyadza alleged that on April 5, Tsikiwa was on guard duty at a gated residential community in Carrick Creagh, when the couple arrived and demanded to enter the premises.

Tsikiwa advised them that they were not allowed to enter according to the community constitution since they had an outstanding balance of US$600 for security and other services.

This did not go down well with them and they went on to forcefully twist the electronic boom gate, breaking it in the process.

A police report was made, leading to the arrest of the pair. The court heard that the value of damaged property was US$300.


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