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Musasa Project Counsellor Cooked Medical Reports

“I do not know where my husband is staying right now, maybe he disclosed his place to you" - Sibongile Chidhakwa 

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Musasa Project Counsellor Cooked Medical Reports

A FAMILY Counsellor with Musasa Project is being accused by her estranged husband of allegedly faking medical reports to nail him on allegations that he battered her after their marriage turned nasty.

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The two, who are both divorcees, are now living separately.

Sibongile Chidhakwa (55) and Slyt Chidhakwa (65) were married for four years.

Slyt told H-Metro that Sibongile, a counsellor with Musasa Project, allegedly used her connections to fake medical reports and get him arrested with the sole intention of gaining sole possession of his property.

However, he said, the tables turned when Sibongile was arrested for “faking gender-based violence,” producing a false medical report and taking Slyt’s valuables.

Sibongile was convicted and sentenced to four months in prison, which were suspended on the condition she does not commit a similar offence.

Slyt said:

“I regret marrying Sibongile. I didn’t know that she was after my property.

“We both came into this marriage with our own children and our own property.

“We have no children together but Sibongile wanted to take all my property by sending me to prison.

“She faked an assault and medical reports to get me arrested.”

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Musasa Project Counsellor Cooked Medical Reports

He added:

“I slept in a police holding cell for two nights after she faked medical documents.

“She was arrested for faking GBV, producing a fake medical report and stealing my valuables, including bank cards and trying to withdraw US$80 000.

“She was arrested by Southerton police under CRB 2969/23 and 3044/23.

“She connived with one of her brothers and took some of my property.

“I question her integrity in counselling families when she fails to maintain her own marriage.”

Sibongile, popularly known as Princess at Musasa Project, confirmed the differences between her and Slyt, but refused to give more details.

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Sibongile said;

“The issue is so sensitive that I need to sit down with you for details.

“I also want one of my sons to be present since he is a lawyer.

“I do not know where my husband is staying right now, maybe he disclosed his place to you.” 


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