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'Handiwirane Naye' - Saintfloew to Holy Ten

Saintfloew says Holy Ten is trying too hard to make it seem like they're cool

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‘Handiwirane Naye' – Saintfloew to Holy Ten

Rapper Saintfloew is accusing his old boss Holy Ten of being obsessed with him and stalking him everywhere!

Holy Ten has been acting weird on social media lately, and some people think it's just a publicity stunt for his new songs. Some believe the stunts were to promote Wadzinga Hushe and Madhafela, which he released last week.

When Winky D dropped his Love Quartet EP, Holy Ten claimed that the dancehall superstar bought views. He then went on a tirade on his Facebook. He did not stop and posted a flurry of messages, which he has since deleted.

People close to Holy Ten told him to slow down and go for rehabilitation. The rapper spoke on this on his Facebook:

One day, you’ll try to genuinely vent, and they’ll say you need rehab. Even your own people. Zviriko. I will do my best and just write another song, but yah parikundipisira.

Last week, a video went viral online showing Holy Ten meeting Saintfloew and the two hugging. They seemed genuinely glad to bump into each other.

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‘Handiwirane Naye' – Saintfloew to Holy Ten

Saintfloew says Holy Ten is trying to make it seem like they're cool, but really, he's just being creepy.

Saintfloew used to be signed to Holy Ten's record label, but they had a falling out and now it seems like things are getting pretty heated between them. Since then, there have not been kind words between the two top rappers.

Later, Saintfloew expressed anger, saying Holy Ten has been stalking him online and offline.

Saintfloew is saying that Holy Ten is taking it too far and has been following him around, even showing up with a camera crew when they met in person:

Those guys trailed me. I was going about my business, and Holy Ten and crew followed me. They then stopped and greeted me. At that point, I did not know that there was someone holding a camera and recording everything. They greeted me. Honestly, I don’t really care about Holy Ten. I don’t even like him, and I don’t care about his life. Handiwirirane naye. Mumero.”


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