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Saintfloew and Bagga Beef Brewing over $5k

"We made a song together, and that song made Bagga relevant" - Saintfloew

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Saintfloew and Bagga Beef Brewing over $5k

High-flying rappers Saintfloew and Bagga are embroiled in a war of words over the former’s demand for a US$5000 collaboration fee.

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In November 2023, a fan asked Bagga, born Nigel Nyagato, to collaborate on a song with Saintfloew, real name Tawanda Mambo. He then revealed that Saintfloew charged him US$5000.

He said:

Takanzi toda 5Gida (5K) for 16 bars. Tikati nhai mamonya eTea richiri verse here ramukutengesa or yave stand!! I have a dream for the Culture to grow to a point we have young people seeing Zim hip-hop as a viable career if you have the gift to take care of your family. Hande!!

This week, Saintfloew was on The Denny J Show and addressed the Bagga issue. He explained:

We made a song together, and that song made Bagga relevant. It’s not like when I do you a favour now, then in two years, you come back again like I owe you. I don’t owe you anything. We did whatever we did at that time, and you got the little power that you needed. Now, what else are you asking from me?

The statement elicited mixed sentiments from people online.

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Bagga got wind of the interview and took to Twitter to respond to Saintfloew.

Saintfloew and Bagga Beef Brewing over $5k

He reacted:

Hanzi taka pemha feature Kuna Santa kunge mastreet kid. Inini Handi kwanise kukuti boss handikwanise kuti ndipoo ndongo kwanisa kuPanda more ndakakura ndiri… Handigone kukunda Miyedzo baba. New Music Next week hatiite mirizhonga paInternet tiri MaGevha tokuona muchiround Hande!

Zimbos online had varied reactions to the drama between Bagga and Saintfloew.

@thatbyoman said: If saint floew is charging $6000 for a show , How much do you think Holy ten charges and also Jah Prayzah, before we talk about Winky D.

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@DenzelLandlord said: Saint floew just said his bigger than us Zim hiphop as a culture,I told y’all when you were crying saying he didn’t win anything Nigga used us as a stepping stone & spitted us out. Holy Ten can never disrespect the Culture.He is us and can never bend or fold. Real Gs don’t switch.


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