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Video: Ntando Duma in Tiff with Neighbour

The conflict with Ntando started when the neighbour called her out after he almost bumped a child with his car.

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Video: Ntando Duma in Tiff with Neighbour

Media personality Ntando Duma has found herself at the centre of a tiff with one of her neighbours at her estate over a children’s play area.

Ntando appeared briefly at the Randburg Magistrate Court today accompanied by her legal representative, and the matter was postponed 8 April.

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The mom of one and her neighbour have taken protection orders against each.

On 14 November, the neighbour applied for a protection order against Ntando which was granted.

However, on 6 December, Ntando did not show up for the first court appearance.

Due to her absence, the SAPS handed her domestic work to sign the proof of service over the phone, which the magistrate did not accept, and she was eventually served by hand.

According to an insider, she did not show up during her second appearance on 30 January 2024 and the magistrate postponed due to her claiming to be ill.

The source said on the third appearance in court on 12 February, Ntando Duma arrived with a new attorney which she allegedly appointed at the last hour.

She too has since opened a protection order against the neighbour who does not wish to have his name mentioned.

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In legal documents seen by ZiMoja, Ntando Duma and the neighbour had a fall out about children playing unsupervised in an area that could get them hurt and among those kids, is Ntando’s child.

Video: Ntando Duma in Tiff with Neighbour

A source says the conflict with Ntando started due to the neighbour calling her out after he almost bumped a child with his car.

The children were running around at the complex parking lot unsupervised.

The neighbour said he told the children not to play in the parking lot.

The children obviously went to report to their parents, who came to confront us in the roadway.

This led to shouting between us, and Duma’s lady friend verbally abused us.

The neighbour says, she called them ‘Jou ma se p$%#, and you bi%#$@.‘ and he described Ntando as narcissistic.

Duma was self-obsessed and narcissistic.

Ntando could not be reached for comment.

This is not the first time Ntando is involved in a brawl.

A few years ago, she came under fire for defending herself against a lady who called her out for parking in a space reserved for drivers with disabilities.

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An annoyed Ntando hit back at the lady, saying how did she know that the star wasn’t disabled herself.

Your mother is mentally disabled… F&*% you and your mother.


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