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Temba Mliswa's Daughter Caught in Drug Bust

M'Diwa and Tawanda were found in possession of ecstasy when police raided a house in Avonlea

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Temba Mliswa's Daughter Caught in Drug Bust

Former Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has exposed his 20-year-old daughter, m’Diwa Mliswa Chanetsa who was arrested last week for possession of illegal drugs.

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She was arrested by detectives together with 27-year-old Tawanda Chigudu in Avonlea, Harare, on 22 February 2024.

They were found in possession of methylenedioxymethamphetamine commonly known as ecstasy weighing approximately 1.30 grammes with a street value of ZWL$195 000.

According to the police m'Diwa was arrested after the ZRP got a tip off that there were drug related activities going on at the said premises.

Temba Mliswa shared on X:

One of my daughters, the 3rd born who stays with her mother, was arrested over a drug charge. I have made the tough decision to lay it out here for posterity, clarity and factuality to prevail before the issue is bastardized in the social fora.

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Temba Mliswa's Daughter Caught in Drug Bust

“She is a brilliant kid who has done well at school but in the past has refused to abide by the roadmap I apply to my other kids. At 18 I sat her down on her future plans but she refused it, even to stay with me. This isn't to blame her mother but reveal how she is as a child.

“Being an advocate against drug abuse and a parent again it could be a frustrating time. However I reiterate my position that drugs are bad and we have to fight them. If it requires arresting culprits then so be it as it may be one way to save them from themselves.

“The penalties for those who sell, even politicians, should even be stiffer as they endanger other people. Peddling drugs should be equated with attempted murder as the path of drug use is one highway to death. I have seen children in a mess because of drug use.

“I commend the ZRP for a job well done in dealing with the drug problem. For her, I hope this may be the Damascus moment from which she emerges changed& ready to be transformed. I will continue supporting her as my daughter& pray that she sees the light away from this path.

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“If she is a victim of friends then she must find new companions. Rehabilitation may be the way to salvation after this. This is tough love I'm giving as I believe massaging one when they are into drugs can be ultimately fatal in the long run.”


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