Teemak, Stunner & Enzoll Determined To Penetrate Into ‘Coronavirus Infested’ China

Controversial rapper, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, will have his maiden Asia expedition when he joins dancehall star Enzo Ishall’s forthcoming tour.

The two are expected to perform together starting March 6 when the tour kicks off in India.

The other tour dates include March 13- Beijing, March 14- Hangzhou, March 20- Kuala Lumpar and March 21 in Singapore.

Enzo Ishall’s Asian tour scheduled to run from March 6 to 21 is still on as there had been no indication from their hosts that the tour had been cancelled or postponed following the outbreak of the virulent coronavirus which has hit many parts of China claiming over 1 000 live.

Zimtrending learnt from a local paper that Stunner is excited to be part of the tour and is looking forward to it as he has never performed on the Asian continent.

“I am excited; I had only visited Asia but never performed there so I am really excited about this one.

“I also want to thank Tee Mak for bringing me on board for this one, now I get to perform for my fans in Asia.

“I feel the tour is the best of both worlds as I and Enzo are two different artists from different generations and so it will cater for a wide range of music lovers,” said Stunner

Teemak said they were given clearance by the authorities and they would wait for a formal communication from the organisers.

“The relevant authorities gave us a clearance to host our show on those dates, so we stand by their word. If it (coronavirus) doesn’t subside by the time of the shows, they will advise us accordingly,” he said.

“In that case, the Asia tour would continue without China and we can always go back to China when the virus has subsided.”

The disease outbreak has stirred debate on social media, with fans expressing concern and reservations over Enzo Ishall’s safety.

The fast-moving virus known as the “new coronavirus” has infected thousands of Chinese citizens and spread to more than 20 countries.

The respiratory infection, which causes pneumonia-like symptoms, has claimed over 1 000 lives so far after it originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The World Health Organisation has declared it a global emergency.


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