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Madam Boss Fears for Her Life

She says someone is threatening her and her family, and she's really worried about their safety.

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Madam Boss Fears for Her Life

Madam Boss, a popular social media influencer, has shared some scary news on her Instagram account. She says someone is threatening her and her family, and she's really worried about their safety.

A whistleblower told her that someone has a grudge against her and is making threats against her life.

Madam Boss has told the police and her lawyers, and they're working to sort it out.

She's asked her fans to keep her and her family in their thoughts and hopes everything gets resolved without anyone getting hurt. She says it's really important to have their support during this tough time.

Recently, Madam Boss's family car was broken into, and someone tried to steal it.

Her sister was furious and thought maybe some other social media influencers might be behind it. There's a lot of drama and rivalries on Zimbabwean social media, so it's possible that's what's behind the threats.

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Madam Boss Fears for Her Life

Before this happened, Madam Boss showed off her new mansion on social media, which might have given away her address. This has made everyone worried about her security and think she needs more protection.


High-flying rapper Saintfloew has accused former boss Holy Ten of stalking him everywhere and having an unhealthy obsession with him.

Of late, Holy Ten has been exhibiting strange behaviour on social media. Some believe his stunts were to promote his two new songs, Wadzinga Hushe and Madhafela, which he released last week.

When Winky D dropped his Love Quartet EP, Holy Ten claimed that the dancehall superstar bought views. He then went on a tirade on his Facebook. He did not stop and posted a flurry of messages, which he has since deleted.


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