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Churchmate Impregnates Form 1 'Prostitute'

"He even tells people at church that my daughter is a prostitute, and uses obscene language to describe her" - Daughter's Mom.

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Churchmate Impregnates Form 1 ‘Prostitute'

A Harare woman sought a peace order against a man she accused of impregnating her Form 1 daughter.

20,000 Girls Fall Pregnant In 12 Months in Zimbabwe

Susan Kamanura accused Owen Muzondo of breaching her peace through his disorderly conduct. Susan said:

This man impregnated my daughter. Now he comes to my house in the evenings making noise.

He even tells people at church that my daughter is a prostitute, and uses obscene language to describe her.

Owen did not oppose the application and only claimed that Susan had previously reported him for rape. Owen said:

She claimed I raped her daughter and reported me to the police. I’m out on bail, and her daughter she claims I impregnated is even saying the child is not mine.

Magistrate Mandlenkosi Ndlovu granted the peace order and ordered Owen not to go to Susan’s house otherwise he would be arrested.


Sikhulile from Lumene area in Gwanda District was impregnated last year in April by 27-year-old Munashe Ncube and she was 13 years old.

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Ncube eloped with Sikhulile early last year when the girl was supposed to start Form One.

Her family reported her disappearance only to learn that Sikhulile and Ncube had been found in Inyathi area after she had given birth.

Sikhulile’s maternal grandfather, Mr Stanley Ngwenya who was staying with the teenager said she disappeared from home in January last year.

Churchmate Impregnates Form 1 ‘Prostitute'

After giving birth Sikhulile developed a heart problem and suffered damage to her internal organs as a result of prolonged labour.

She was hospitalised on several occasions up until she died in the early hours of September 9 in South Africa where she was living under the care of her mother.

She was buried last weekend at her mother’s homestead in Lumene Village. Ngwenya said:

We discovered that Sikhulile was seeing this man when she was 12 years old and we reprimanded her.

We even took her for a medical examination at Stanmore Clinic to check whether she was pregnant and the results came out negative.

A few weeks later we discovered that she was missing, and had taken with her some of her clothes.

We went to the homestead where this man used to work as a herdsman near our homestead and we learnt that he had also disappeared.


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