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ANC Calls for Clean Up of Foreigners in South Africa

ANC Youth League President Collen Malatji blamed the foreigners for the deteriorating service delivery and high crime rate

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ANC Calls for Clean Up of Foreigners in South Africa

The ANC Youth League President, Collen Malatji has called for the immediate removal of all illegal foreigners in South Africa.

ZEP Holders Reluctant to Return to Zimbabwe

The ANC has now openly joined small political parties that are making the same call and have been accused of Afrophobia in order to win urban votes.

Malatji said the army, the police and Home Affairs must work to do clean up of South Africa. He said the foreigners were burdening South Africa's public institutions.

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He blamed the high crime rate on foreigners whom he said were difficult for the police to handle as they are undocumented.

Many Zimbabweans have flocked into South Africa illegally due to the political crisis in that country that has totally destroyed that country’s economy mainly due to corrupt rule.

ANC Calls for Clean Up of Foreigners in South Africa

Strangely the ANC has openly supported the author of that crisis, ZANUPF, and it has also defended the recently held shambolic election in Zimbabwe.

The ANC has been South Africa’s ruling party since 1994, but it faces a very difficult election in 2024 which has seen it adopt ZANUPF messaging of calling its opponents puppets of the West, and include anti-foreigner sentiments in its political messaging.


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