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Dad Caught Pants Down With Daughter-in-Law

Bartholomew expelled Forget from their marital home, but later accepted her apology and brought her back

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Dad Caught Pants Down With Daughter-in-Law

A cunning Rusape man who was previously fined five cattle for wooing his son’s wife was back in court last week after being discovered with his hands once more in the cookie jar.

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Masvosva Villager Isaac Marowa was hauled before Chief Makoni’s court for dating Forget Marowa, the wife of Bartholomew Marowa.

After his son discovered some hot love texts between the two in Forget’s mobile in February 2022, Isaac was found guilty of dating his daughter-in-law.

Forget was expelled from their marital home by Bartholomew, who later accepted her forgiveness and brought her back, Manica Post reports.

He later learned that the couple was still seeing each other, though.

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Narrating his case before the community court recently, Bartholomew said Forget saved his father’s number as YYU in her phone, adding that they are sending a lot of love messages to each other.

In one of the messages, they were planning to meet in Rusape for some quality time, away from the prying eyes of other villagers. Bartholomew said:

This is my second time coming before this court, suing my father for dating my wife. He is still seeing my wife.

In March 2023, I scrolled my wife’s phone and came across a contact saved as YYU. She was exchanging love messages with that contact.

They were also planning to travel to Rusape to have some quality time. I made some inquiries, only to realise that YYU is my father. Both my wife and father denied dating.

Dad Caught Pants Down With Daughter-in-Law

However, Isaac denied ever dating his daughter-in-law. He said his son is just suspicious and does not have any evidence. Isaac said:

I do not know that my number is saved as YYU in my daughter-in-law’s phone. I am not dating her as alleged by my son. My son set my house on fire over these baseless allegations.

Forget also denied dating her father-in-law and claimed that her phone was always with her husband, so there is no way she could ever communicate with Isaac in such a manner.

Despite their testimonies, Chief Makoni’s court found Isaac guilty of adultery and fined him two cattle. He was also found guilty of incest and was fined one beast.

Isaac was also ordered to hand over two goats to his son as the cost of the lawsuit.


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