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Magaya’s Troubles, What Could Be the Cause?

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Are the sins of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya true?


If they are, can we boldly conclude that his bad actions are now haunting his loved ones, and if not, is it one of God’s way of showing himself to the world through prophet Magaya by letting him go through the test of time?


The PHD Founder’s parents were attacked and robbed by seven unidentified men in the midnight, in their home last month.


Would it be wrong to suggest that these were the Prophet’s enemies; the people who accused and are still accusing him of outwitting and taking advantage of them and their faith in him as God’s servant, Or they were just mere robbers who had nothing to hold against the prophet?

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However, many rape allegations against the Man of God have been rising, the recent one being on July this year, and this has led to most of his followers and the nation losing their respect for him as God’s chosen one.


Considering the economic hardships ranging from high inflation and price hikes to poor health service delivery that Zimbabwean citizens are facing, the last thing they expect is for the men of God (prophets) in their nation who they confide in to take advantage of them.


And from where Prophet Magaya stands, more enemies are rising and will stop at nothing to take revenge against the sins they accuse him of committing to them or their loved ones.


It is not right for us to neither judge one another nor the chosen ones of God, however, it is going to be difficult for the prophet  to clear his name and keep himself andnhis loved ones; family and parents safe from the angry depraved people.




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