Prophet Passion Java seems to be in for a battle or wants some attention from one of Zimbabwe’s biggest Prophets Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Yesterday the UIFC leader had a preaching sermon in which his statement Didi not sit well with passion java.

Prophet Makndiwa statement was “Ukaona uchitaura kuti unemari hauna mari”  which was immediately replied by passion java.

See the Picture of Prophet Makandiwa in church when he said that statement

The Prophet went on to say that people who have worked really hard for their money, they don’t show it off. Instead, they remain calm and sit quite.

Prophet Passion Java thought this statement was aimed at him since he is one of the many Zimbabweans who brag to have money.

So he did his video as he gave his own point of view and in replying the video he also spilt out that his house will be on the famous American reality show Welcome to my Crib. Watch video below

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