A Ghanaian actress Akuapem Poloo real name Alade Brown who posted a picture of herself naked with her son has courted negative attention from her fans.

Her fans believe it is inappropriate for a grown-up baby boy to see her mother naked.

The picture caused outrage on social media with many of her fans castigating her for ‘abusing’ her son. Much to the surprise of her followers Akuapem Poloo revealed in her apology video that she even bathes with her son both of them. She posted a video of herself explaining the reasons behind the viral picture and an apology to her fans.

Poloo said, “First of all i would  like to say good evening to you all and also umm pardon me for speaking in English. Just understand what i’m saying. Its all about my post about wishing my son to be a happy baby in the morning. I want to clear the air. We all know that i’m an artist and everything i post is an artistic impression and whatever i post on my page is a message out there as a mother. I’m not trying to portray bad things. He is my son and we always bath together. I’m sending a message to kids and to grown ups who do not value their parents or who see them out there mad and naked and because they are naked they run away and don’t take care of them or cloth them. Nakedness doesn’t mean topless. That’s what i want to send out there. I want to say this. I’m so sorry if i hurt anyone with my post. It was not a bad intention. I’m here with my family in a hotel celebrating my son birthday. I received many messages and i’m responding to everyone because ii’m respectful and once again i’m so sorry if i hurt anyone. I’m a model and an artist.”

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