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Maimba Mapuranga Caught Stealing Camera at Tourism Expo

His actions were captured on CCTV cameras, which he was unaware of.

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Maimba Mapuranga Caught Stealing Camera at Tourism Expo

Maimba Mapuranga, the public relations and sponsorship manager of Zimbabwe's national netball team, the Gems, has been caught snatching a camera from a local television crew while he was the Master of Ceremonies at the Sanganai Tourism Expo.

CCTV Footage Ousts Traders as Wanted Killers

Mapuranga's actions were captured on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, which he was unaware of.

After being confronted by authorities, Mapuranga initially denied any involvement in the theft but later confessed when threatened with physical harm.

Mapuranga's actions have caused dissatisfaction among journalists who were compelled to cover the 2023 Netball World Cup in Cape Town at their own expense due to his actions.

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Maimba Mapuranga Caught Stealing Camera at Tourism Expo

Nedbank, who sponsored the Gems in the tournament, expressed their displeasure with Mapuranga's actions and his girlfriend's presence at the event.

According to Nedbank, Mapuranga drew attention away from some players who were getting greater media attention and undermined the original goal of the sponsorship.

Despite these problems, Mapuranga is expected to secure funding for the Gems' forthcoming African Championships in Botswana next month.

However, stakeholders are concerned about his capacity to carry out this duty efficiently in light of this development.

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