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Mum Ends Daughter's Life over Mahumbwe

Ropafadzo engaged in the playful game and used authentic meal meals and cooking oil.

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Mum Ends Daughter's Life over Mahumbwe

The police arrested a Shamva mother after she kills her 9-year-old daughter.

The young girl tragically lost her life due to a severe beating stemming from an innocent game of pretend called “humble” in Shona or “ukulele” in Ndebele.

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According to an official X post on the ZRP page, a 35-year-old woman named Sinalence Kufandirori is in custody on charges of murder.

Her crime involved using a switch to inflict brutal harm on her daughter, Ropafadzo Meki, resulting in the child’s untimely demise.

As detailed in the police statement, the incident occurred on the 3rd of November, 2023, at Maxton Farm in Shamva.

Ropafadzo engaged in the playful game and used authentic meal meals and cooking oil.

Her mother, Sinalence, got angry and used a switch to strike her daughter repeatedly all over her body.

Tragically, the child lost her life while being rushed to a self-proclaimed prophetic healer in the area.

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This is not an isolated incident; unfortunately, it reflects a disturbing trend of parents or guardians resorting to violence in the name of discipline.

One such case involved Lydia Kahwema, who received a four-year prison sentence for killing her 13-year-old son.

The boy had been sent home from school for lacking a pen, and Kahwema subjected him to a brutal assault with switches and even smashed his head against a wall.

Mum Ends Daughter's Life over Mahumbwe

In another case, Madzimai Yeukai Mutero was acquitted of murder charges this year after fatally assaulting her son.

The son had joined a secret cult of Zyinyau dancers.

The court determined she had acted within the bounds of the law and employed moderate force while administering corporal punishment.

Another incident involved a man named Ronald Moda, who killed his three-year-old niece by violently banging her head against the wall after she soiled herself.

Moda claimed he had received permission to discipline the child.


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