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Mkoba Teachers College Shut Down as Cholera Spreads

As at November 13, the college had reported a total of 508 diarrheal cases.

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Mkoba Teachers College Shut Down as Cholera Spreads

Health authorities have temporarily suspended lectures at Mkoba Teachers College after a diarrhoea out break at the institution.

Apostolic Sects Healing Rituals Fueling Cholera Cases

In a statement, Midlands provincial medical director, Dr Marry Muchekeza said over 500 people mainly teacher training students and lecturers had been affected by yesterday, forcing the authorities to close business at the learning instituion.

A statement read by Dr Muchekeza read:

Reference is hereby made to the ongoing diarrheal outbreak at Mkoba Teachers College.

As at November 13, 2023 at 6pm, the college had reported a total of 508 diarrheal cases cummulatively.

We recommend temporary closure of the institution and postponement of all scheduled events for 14 days until all recommendations made to the institution have been thoroughly met.


Mkoba Teachers College Shut Down as Cholera Spreads

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ZIMBABWE Miners Federation president and convicted gold smuggler Henrietta Rushwaya, who was recently convicted of trying to smuggle 6kg of gold worth more than US$333 000 to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was sentenced at the High Court yesterday.

Rushwaya was heading to Dubai when she was arrested for attempting to smuggle 6kg gold through the VIP route at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on October 26, 2020.

Four bars of pure gold were found in her hand luggage.

Rushwaya denied the charge, claiming she mistakenly picked up the wrong bag at home, one containing gold bars rather than the one she meant to take on her trip.

Justice Pisirayi Kwenda found her guilty, dismissing her defence of a “wrong bag” as implausible.Rushwaya was charged along with two Central Intelligence Organisation operatives Stephen Tserai and Raphios Mufandauya.

Rushwaya denied the charge when her trial began last month at the Anti-Corruption Court in the High Court.

The court yesterday held a pre-sentencing hearing in terms of the new sentencing guidelines.


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