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Cheating Kombi Driver Kills Wife

Tawanda hanged Rujeko's body in their bedroom to try and cover his tracks

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Cheating Kombi Driver Kills Wife

A Glen View-based kombi driver, Tawanda Musingi, assaults and kills his wife with an unknown object after an argument.

The argument started because of Tawanda’s extra love affairs.

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The wife, Rujeko Masanga, did not survive the assault, and after she died, Tawanda hanged her body in their bedroom to try and cover his tracks.

Rujeko is said to have found love messages in her husband, Tawanda’s phone and a quarrel started. Tawanda got angry and started attacking his wife with an object while their two children watched.

Their children, witnesses to the crime, are five and one year of age.

The children’s cries were answered by co-tenants who rushed to the scene to meet Tawanda leaving the room, saying his wife killed herself.

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Harare police spokesperson Luckmore Chikanza confirmed that Tawanda has been arrested for the murder of his wife. Investigations are said to be ongoing on the matter.

The police have urged couples and lovers to engage the police and relatives if they are fighting and not take matters into their own hands.

They have also warned people to refrain from using violence to solve their differences.

Cheating Kombi Driver Kills Wife

According to neighbours, this is not the first time the couple had a severe fight because of Tawanda’s extra-marital affairs.

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It is said that Tawanda almost killed his wife after he tried to drive away with his kombi with his girlfriend while his wife and child were hanging on it.

Rujeko was said to have been surviving working piece jobs while her husband squandered his money with his many girlfriends.


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