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Cheating Couple Found Stuck Together

The cheating woman’s husband - a truck driver - is said to have used juju in his wife

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In a shocking event, cheating couple was found stuck together while having tlof tlof in Norton in a suspected case of juju.

According to eyewitnesses, the married man was sleeping with a married woman unaware that her husband had used juju on her as he was a truck driver and was never home most of the time.This event left many local people puzzled.

During the commotion, the cheating man’s wife tries to get inside the house to witness the unusual act.

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She says that she once warned the two from engaging in their illicit affair but they did not listen. The man finally gets into the bedroom and found them stuck together and there was no sign of movement on the man, however the woman was seen opening eyes in shame.

He shames the man and tells him that he got what he was looking for , the crowd is heard saying ngaafe ngaafe whilst he lies powerless.


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