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Senior Cop Caught Red-handed with Junior Officer

The extramarital relationship with came to light after Ethel’s husband, Stalin Muvengwa, installed a car tracking device on their family vehicle.

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Senior Cop Caught Red-handed with Junior Officer

A high-ranking police officer has been demoted from his position as Officer Commanding Norton District for failing to keep his zip closed.

The officer in question was caught in a compromising situation by the husband of one of his subordinates.

Senior Cop Demands Bribe From Female Junior

Chief Superintendent Reason Ncube’s extramarital relationship with Constable Ethel Kusangaya came to light after Ethel’s husband, Stalin Muvengwa, installed a car tracking device on their family vehicle.

Ethel, unaware of the tracking device, drove the family car to Norton, claiming she was headed elsewhere.

Chief Superintendent Reason Ncube instructed Ethel to park her car, and the two of them proceeded to take a romantic drive in his own vehicle, unaware that Muvengwa was trailing them.

Upon noticing they were being followed, the officers grew wary and Chief Supt Ncube arranged for Ethel’s car to be towed to a car park in Kuwadzana Extension.

However, their efforts were in vain, as Muvengwa confronted them before they could escape.

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Ethel pleaded with her husband not to assault her while she was still dressed in her police uniform.

Sources informed H-Metro that Chief Supt Ncube appeared visibly distressed and pleaded with Muvengwa for forgiveness.

Hanzi Cst Kusangaya vakachenuruka kunge ndere, Chief Supt Ncube vakadikitira vawona Muvengwa avasvikira.

Cst Kusangaya vakadetemba kuti murume wavo asamurove akapfeka uniform yechipurisa.

Senior Cop Caught Red-handed with Junior Officer

Muvengwa did not hold back his feelings toward Chief Supt Ncube, expressing his belief that the senior officer had abused his authority by taking advantage of junior officers.

Wedding cancelled because of spouse infidelity.

He lamented the damage caused to his family and their reputation, revealing that he and his wife were currently undergoing counselling in an attempt to salvage their relationship.

Muvengwa said:

Does it mean that his promotion was to abuse junior officers? Ncube has damaged my family, my children and my standing in society.

We are now undergoing counselling to heal our children and to find peace with my in-laws.

My wife stooped so low that she emotionally and socially damaged my trust.

Constable Kusangaya, stationed at Warren Park Police Station, has become a subject of neighbourhood gossip. However, neither she nor Chief Supt Ncube were available for comment.


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