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St Faith’s Head Hired Thugs That Attacked Priest

"Those people who were demonstrating were not parents, they were hired by the head to cause confusion" Bishop Ruwona, Anglican Diocese of Manicaland

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St Faith’s Head Hired Thugs That Attacked Priest

The Anglican Diocese of Manicaland has expressed its intention to pursue the removal of St Faith’s High School head, Mr Arnold Makamba, following disturbances that occurred when Lower Sixth students returned to school last week.

St. Faith School Authorities Exchange Fists with Parents

The chaos which resulted in a fist fight between parents and a priest, emanated from several issues that the parents and the diocese have been at loggerheads over, chief among them, the payment of a US$600 mission fund.

Manicaland Diocese Bishop Eric Ruwona said the disturbances that keep occurring at the school were being caused by the head’s failure to recognise and respect the church’s values and rules for its schools.

He said Mr Makamba insisted on going against the church at every turn, which was testament to his failure to continue running the school on behalf of the church.

Bishop Ruwona said:

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The way forward is clear; if you are the head and you do not agree with how the school is run, then you should move elsewhere and let the church run its school the best way they know.

You cannot oppose the same people who recommended you to become head of their school.

So in the same way that we recommended Mr Makamba to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, we will recommend to have him removed from the position.

St Faith’s Head Hired Thugs That Attacked Priest

He also claimed the fights that ensued at the school this week had been engineered by Mr Makamba, who he said had hired thugs to discredit the church.

Those people who were demonstrating were not parents, they were hired by the head to cause confusion.

All the parents remained in their cars as the events unfolded because it would be folly for a parent to fight the authorities who will be taking care of their children.

Those people were trying to embarrass the priest and he defended himself.

The police have already arrested some of those people and investigations are still underway.

Some of the sticking points for the disputes between parents and the church have also emanated from the move by the diocese to privatise some of its best performing schools.

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These include St Faith’s High School, St David’s Bonda Girls High School, St Augustine’s High School and St Mathias Tsonzo High School.

The local community in Rusape have been adamant that St Faith’s school should not be privatised as this would negatively affect them and their children.


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