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Sekuru Nyashanu Impregnates Troubled Client

Mabudu instructed Faith to divorce her husband, alleging that he was the cause of her misfortunes.

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Sekuru Nyashanu Impregnates Troubled Client

A 60-year-old sangoma, popularly known as Sekuru Nyashanu, was apprehended on Tuesday in Epworth after allegedly manipulating a married woman’s life through false prophecies.

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Darlington Mabudu, also known as Sekuru Nyashanu, reportedly deceived Faith Macha by making false prophecies and convincing her to divorce her husband.

Mabudu claimed to have spiritual powers and charged Faith $150 for a supposed ‘cleansing’ process, which she was unable to afford.

Faith narrated that Sekuru Nyashanu approached her on the road, portraying himself as a spiritual guide with the ability to see into her life.

Unable to pay the requested fee, Faith claimed that Mabudu later offered to perform the cleansing ceremonies for free.

Subsequently, he persuaded Faith’s mother to allow him to take her to various spirit mediums in Shamva and Westgate.

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During their travels, Faith and Mabudu ended up sharing the same living space, with Mabudu instructing her to divorce her husband, alleging that he was the cause of her misfortunes.

Sekuru Nyashanu Impregnates Troubled Client

Furthermore, he demanded custody of her child, claiming it was a necessary part of the spiritual process.

Upon returning from Shamva, Faith entered into a relationship with another man, but it ended when he disputed the timeline of her pregnancy.

Faith attributes her ordeal to Mabudu, alleging that he manipulated her into divorcing her husband and impregnated her under false pretences.

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Faith claimed that Mabudu confiscated her phone to isolate her from others.

Eventually, her mother discovered Faith’s whereabouts and intervened, rescuing her from Sekuru Nyashanu’s influence by force.


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