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Video: Steamy Dance with Omah Lay Ends Lady’s Relationship

As the got down with Omah on stage, her boyfriend was seen shaking his head disappointedly

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Video: Steamy Dance with Omah Lay Ends Lady’s Relationship

Singer Stanley Omah Didia, aka Omah Lay, is trending online over his recent action at one of the shows in the UK.

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Omah Lay appeared to be following in singer Ruger’s step with his steamy dance moves with female fans on stage.

A viral video from the UK concert showed the moment Omah Lay called on a young lady to join him on stage as they displayed some steamy dance moves.

However, it turned out the lady didn’t come to the show alone as a young man, allegedly her boyfriend, was spotted in a clip shaking his head disappointedly while she and Omah Lay danced on stage.

At the end of the concert, the man was seen walking home alone as a result of the romantic dance between his girlfriend and singer Omah Lay.

Video: Steamy Dance with Omah Lay Ends Lady’s Relationship

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@_javanda said: This Omah Lay’s concert news should teach you a general lesson about women. They are hypergamous in nature, they’ll always go for a man of higher social status or sexual capital than themselves and the men around them.

@glitchy_persona said: Honestly if I was that couple from that Omah Lay concert. If I were the man, open a go fund me, coz men are livid and want to him to be up. As the chic? Open a social media account, TikTok and give your side coz the views, likes, follows. 💰 This would be my ticket up.

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@nickirich14 said: Nah after properly seeing these VAR angles of the Omah Lay concert, sometimes I think it’s important to fear women 🌚

@BeniNitq said: Her man has no right to be angry ,they are only dating and not married,every lady will gladly do this with Omah lay ,na celebrity we dey talk o ,you all should stop acting like hypocrite,we pretend too much in this country.

Watch the video below:


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