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Java Targeted as Uebert Angel's Followers Dwindle

"If I say he [Apostle Java] has done this and that to me, he will be in trouble immediately" - Uebert Angel

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Java Targeted as Uebert Angel's Followers Dwindle

Tension has been brewing between Tabernacle of Grace Church leader and founder Apostle Batsirai Java and Uebert Angel in the past weeks, culminating in the pulling down of the former’s Facebook pages by men believed to be linked to Mnangagwa’s ambassador to America and the United Kingdom.

So huge was the tension that Java was threatened with “extermination” by Angel’s allies, who have also been boasting that they cannot be arrested because of their boss’s close links to Mnangagwa.

The plot is said to involve Tinashe Exevier Mutamiri, also known as Prof Ex, who runs the Christian blog.

Mutamiri last week attacked Java for cursing on the pulpit whoever pulled down his church’s Facebook account.

The plot involved paying women to testify claiming they had been sexually abused by Java, recording them and ordering the Tabernacle of Grace Church founder to pay US$50 000 for the audio recordings not to be released.

Some men who claimed to have been sent by Angel approached one of Java’s liutenants, Deacon Robert Chikombera and told him that Angel was not happy because Java attacked him at a prophetic meeting held last year.

The emissary disclosed that Angel was also of the view that Java was behind the challenges his church in Zimbabwe was facing in reference to his dwindling followers.

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Java Targeted as Uebert Angel's Followers Dwindle

The aide said Angel was also of the view that Java was sponsoring journalists to write negative stories about him.

A source said:

It was Israel who proposed the US$50 000 figure.

He gave Apostle Java a deadline to pay or risk having Proff Ex release the damning videos.

Apostle Java is said to have flatly refused to give the money claiming that he never sexually abused anyone, and he could not pay for something that he did not do.

Angel himself is said to have visited Java at his home in the company of so-called prophet Passion Java a fortnight ago to try to give an impression that he wanted peace after realising the matter was fast getting out of control.

Angel disclosed his hatred of Java through calls he made to allies and relatives of the Tabernacle of Grace founder, including instructing Israel to lie that a robbery case 5312338 reported at Marlborough Police Station that took place at Java’s place in 2022 was a misunderstanding between Java and a lover he identified as Nyasha, who is alleged to be the ambassador’s girlfriend.

Angel said he was the one protecting Apostle Java from ZANU-PF:

He is not known in Zanu-PF. If I say he has done this and that to me, he will be in trouble immediately.

Source| The Zimbabwe Mail


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