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Man Found Roaming Naked Around Shurugwi Homestead

"He refused to speak and pretended to be dumb" - Mr Chironde, homeowner

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A middle-aged man found roaming naked around Shurugwi homestead in the early hours of today.

Homestead owner, Mr Phillip Chironde said the man, whose identity and place of origin is yet to be confirmed, has been taken to Chachacha Police Station.

Police in Shurugwi confirmed the incident. Mr Chironde said:

We suspect he is a wizard. When we woke up around 5am today and found him walking around our yard, we asked him who he was because he is not from our village. He refused to speak and pretended to be dumb.

Mr Chironde said they have since handed him over to the police. He said:

We strongly suspect he could be a wizard and we want him to reveal what his mission was at my homestead.


An Eastern Cape teacher has been suspended pending an investigation into alleged corporal punishment at school.

Pictures are now circulating of social media as a pupil from Sandi Secondary School in Ntsundwane has a sw0llen hand due to the brutal @ss@ult.

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Man Found Roaming Naked Around Shurugwi Homestead

Eastern Cape education MEC Fundile Gade condemned schools still using corporal punishment 28 years after its banning. Gade said:

Acts of this nature by educators seek to embarrass the sector and the profession because educator unions representing educators are signatories to the South African Schools Act which abolished corporal punishment and declared it a crime against children.

We call on law-abiding citizens, including educators, to distance themselves from these malicious and barbaric acts.

Failure to do so may lead to the termination of contracts for those found on the wrong side of the law.

Department spokesperson Malibongwe Mtima said the teacher has been suspended while the investigation is under way.

Parents are urged to open criminal case with the police when corporal punishments occurs says Mtima.

Even in this case, the department will side with the victim and her parents will be encouraged to open a case of common assault with the police while the department is continuing its internal investigation.

The pupil and her peers at school will be included in a training workshop on what to do and where to report corporal punishment, said Mtima.

The department says the victim will be given psychological support which includes debriefing and counselling as well as parents.

Gade urged stakeholders to respect the rule of law while teaching in schools.


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