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EcoSure Heist: Zaka's Not-So-Dead Daughter Drama

Between November and December 2023, a couple spun a web of deceit, claiming their daughter had died.

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EcoSure Heist: Zaka's Not-So-Dead Daughter Drama

In a plot twist that could rival a teen soap opera, Rungamirai Machinjike (27) and Talent Rutindingwe (33) recently tried to pull off the ultimate insurance scam. Their target? EcoSure, the funeral insurance provider. Their weapon? A fake daughter's demise.

Rungamirai signed up for EcoSure Funeral Cover, adding their daughter and the wife's cousin as dependents. But between November and December 2023, they spun a web of deceit, claiming their daughter had shuffled off this mortal coil in November.

To bolster their claim, the couple got their hands on a fraudulent death confirmation letter from the local Headman. They even whipped up some forged identity documents for good measure. Talent, the husband, then filled out the insurance claim forms, scribbling away on behalf of the “witnesses.”

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EcoSure Heist: Zaka's Not-So-Dead Daughter Drama

Ecosure's crack team of investigators, channeling their inner Sherlock Holmes, discovered the daughter was very much alive. The jig was up! The funeral insurance provider promptly filed a police report, leading to the couple's dramatic arrest.

The Masvingo Magistrates' Court dropped the gavel: six months behind bars for our dynamic duo. But wait, there's a twist! Three months were suspended, and the rest hinges on them doing 105 hours of community service.

So, dear readers, remember: when plotting an insurance scam, make sure your “deceased” daughter isn't posting selfies on Instagram. And EcoSure? Well, they've got their detective hats on—ready to sniff out the next wannabe ghost!


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