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Tragic Turn of Events After Beer and Gambling Night

The accused had lost $80 while gambling at the shebeen

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Tragic Turn of Events After Beer and Gambling Night

A night of beer-drinking and gambling took a dark turn when a man fatally stabbed the owner of a local shebeen (a place where alcohol is sold) after accusing him of theft in Mutandavadze Village, located in Chief Mazhetese area, Sovelele, Mwenezi.

The suspect murdered the shebeen owner whom he accused of stealing cash and his bicycle.

The accused had lost $80 while gambling at the shebeen. Fueled by alcohol, he confronted the shebeen owner, believing that the owner had stolen his money and bicycle. Tragically, this confrontation escalated, and the shebeen owner lost his life.

Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident and emphasized the importance of resolving disputes peacefully, especially when under the influence. He urged everyone to value life and avoid violence.

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Tragic Turn of Events After Beer and Gambling Night

Dhewa said:

“We have a report of murder from Mwenezi where a man stabbed and killed another whilst they were drinking and gambling at the now deceased’s place. We urge members of the community not to solve disputes using violence and whilst drunk. We also encourage people to value the sanctity of life.”

According to sources familiar with the incident, on May 27, Wellington Zhou (38), the shebeen owner, had been drinking and gambling with Takura Hove, the accused. Hove initially lost $40 in the gamble, then returned home, only to lose another $40. The next day, around 2 am, a heated argument erupted at the shebeen. Hove accused Zhou of stealing his Itel Cellphone, $100, and a bicycle. Tragically, Hove pulled out a knife and fatally stabbed Zhou in the chest.

The matter was reported to the police. The police investigated the matter and discovered the alleged stolen cellphone in Zhou's pocket and the bicycle in his house.


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