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    Econet Subscribers forcibly subjected to Sasai Spam Messages.

    Being an Econet subscriber is hard! It means involuntarily giving away your personal information and you are subject to never-ending spam messages. Especially with...

    Tips on Growing Sugar Beans

    Sugar beans can be grown throughout Zimbabwe but there are several factors that may affect production.

    According to Seed Co’s 2010/11 product manual, lack of...


    It is the most dangerous attitude in a human being.


    #1 It does not allow you to  learn from others, when you are being told...




    Georgina aiva musikana akazvarwa akakurira muBikita ndokuroorwa muZaka.


    Georgina aiva musikana /mudzimai aisununguka kuita zvaanoda panguva yaadira



    1.Georgina aigona kungoti ari kumombe akanzwa hope ikoko...

    Hydroponics, Modern Farming Without Soil

    Can you imagine growing crops without soil? Well, that's what hydroponics agriculture is all about.

    The Portuguese proverb that the chicken that stays in the...

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    Provisional Driving Licence Test Possible Questions & Answers

    We found these provisional driving test questions and answers on social media and we thought our readers would benefit from reading them.

    Remember to...

    Trending: Man Catches ‘wife’ in Bed With Another

    A viral video has surfaced on social media that shows a Ghanaian man catching his girlfriend in bed with another man.

    According to the information...

    Sextortion at Workplace on the Rise

    SEXTORTION at the workplace is on the rise and the Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) has called for a Sexual Harassment Act to protect women...

    Harare And Chitungwiza Hospital Staffers Issuing Fake COVID-19 Certificates – Report

    Staffers at Harare Hospital (Sally Mugabe Hospital) and Chitungwiza Hospital are reportedly taking bribes from desperate travellers wishing to travel out of the country...