Social media sensation, Genius Kadungure ‘Ginimbi’s American stripper and escort Cici Amor is back in the country expected to be a hostess at Ginimbi’s revamped club ‘Dreams’.

Ciame`ra Jimenez known as ‘Cici Amor’ is said to be residing at Ginimbi’s Domboshava mansion, these two have known each other for a while now as Ginimbi had ended his long-time relationship with Zodwa Mandla after falling in love with Cici Amor, who has a striking resemblance to rapper Nicki Minaj. This club appearance is not the first one that she has hosted  as Ginimbi was famed for hosting controversial all-white birthday parties with Cici Amor soon after his breakup with Zodwa

Cici Amor recently shared a post on Instagram catching up with the Shona lingo writing Shona greetings familiarizing herself with the local language

Cici Amor at Ginimbi’s Domboshava mansion

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