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Shameless Madzibaba in hot soup with child support organisations in Zimbabwe.

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The Public shame Madzibaba police respond with launching a manhunt for Madzibaba playing house with a 15-year-old following social media outrage


A picture of Madzibaba whose identity is yet to be exposed and a young girl who appeared to be his wife went viral on social media last week attracting negative feelings of disapproval from all who came across it.

Shamwari Yemusikana an organization that provides for support for girl chid movement renounced child marriages commenting that “a saddening picture doing the round on social media of a Madzibaba who married a 15-year-old girl—is a clear picture of the religious and cultural beliefs still promoting child marriages in society. Child marriages rob girls of their future. Stop child marriages”

The organization advocates for a movement in joining hands and put an end to child marriages. Roots an organization that

Madzibaba posing for a photo with “wife”

advocates for inclusive societies for young people also commented that they are” highly appalled by this development” and they are” following the story closely and our hope is that authorities will act on it”.

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in response has launched a manhunt for a Madzibaba affiliated with the Johanne Marange Apostolic Sect who married a 15-year-old girl.

In a statement, the ZRP said:

“Anyone with information about the pictures if the marriage subsists in Zimbabwe may report to their nearest police station for investigations to be instituted. We cannot repost the pictures for ethical reasons”

Police are appealing for information about pictures circulating on social media where a man is seen holding a girl. It is being alleged that the man is aged 69 while the girl is aged 15 years and they are married.

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