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The other side of Zimbabwe

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For so many years Zimbabwe has been considered to be a very poor country due to economic instability with high unemployment rates ignoring the better side of Zimbabwe known for its dramatic landscape and diverse wildlife with tourist attractions like the Nyanga Mountains, Great Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park, and Chinhoyi caves.

Nyangani Mountains or the Eastern highlands mountains range extends 300 kilometres from north to south and forms a natural border in the east between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The whole tourist attraction consists of Zimbabwe’s highest mountain, Nyangani (2593m), Nyanga’s Ancient Ruins Nyazengu. These mountains offer a wide range of activities like mountain hiking, Apart from the fantastic view into Mozambique, there is a range of vegetation which varies from green lush pasturelands to deep montane forests.

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Eastern Highlands


Pungwe Gorge Honde Valley and its tea and coffee estate and fruit farms. There is also the Mutarazi National park where Mutarazi falls can be seen which is  Africa’s second-highest waterfall after the Tugela Falls in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Beautiful Mutarazi Falls
Zimbabwe is also seen as a country which is rich in minerals. Minerals like gold, chrome.  Diamonds are found in Marange in Manicaland Province. Nyanga to the north, Bvumba roughly in the centre of the granite spikes of Chimanimani to the south.
The Great Zimbabwe Ruins of ancient Zimbabwe is the largest structure of its kind in Africa, second only to the pyramids of Egypt in terms of historical interest which is located in Masvingo province, this has brought out the good side of Zimbabwe to the neighbouring countries as tourists keep on visiting this place year after year.
Great Zimbabwe Conical Tower
The country maintains food ads and foreign currency due to the exportation of various agricultural products like cotton, tobacco, tea and all forms of grains. Wheat and sugarcane are mostly grown during the wintertime and maize, sorghum, millet are best during the rainy seasons.
 In the African continent,  education is regarded with consciousness in this country because education is every child’s right. Out of ten people in Zimbabwe, seven are most likely to be graduates. High skilled workers are produced daily in various aspects of the working industries in Zimbabwe.
Despite negative information about  Zimbabwe, the country has been viewed as one of the most peaceful countries and the brighter side of Zimbabwe cannot be seen or judged by people who never stepped in Zimbabwe.

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