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Pamushana Africa Transports Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

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Birthdays are very special as they only happen once in a year.  Celebrating life and health every year should be a number one priority because in the end, it is not the years in our lives that count, but the life in those years.


The increase in fuel prices has led to high transport costs which now seem to be the only reason why people work. Conductors are robbing passengers off their hard earned money, charging them thrice the price they used to pay when life was still affordable for every normal Zimbabwean.


Such a depraving situation has left every Zimbabwean hopeless, making them find solace in fantasizing on the thought of boarding a lift for free someday. To most such a fantasy seems so unrealistic and too impossible, but  Pamushana Africa Transports so far has managed to make it possible.



With Pamushana Africa Transports you don't  just count your years, but you make your years count with the special birthday tokens they give to their customers.

Pamaushana Africa


The birthday token include free trips either going in or out of town to the customer who will be having a birthday, and have since started in 2013 and are still ongoing.

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The birthday token comes with terms and conditions that prevent it from being exploited by corrupt people. In order to receive a free or free trips the customer who has a birthday is required to provide a national id or certificate that serves as proof to the conductors who will congratulate him or her and give them the priviledge of enjoying a free ride, courtesy of Pamushana Africa.



The Chief Marketing Officer Mr Pablo T Chimusoro who works in the Marketing and Publicity department of the organisation said this  birthday token is a way of showing love and  appreciation to their customers.


“The reason why we do that is we want to celebrate life, our customers being alive means a lot to us and we feel that it has given us a competitive advantage because our customers feel that we care about them more than their money.”


Pamushana Africa Transports is a division under Pamushana Africa Group which provides commuter transport services.


Pamushana Africa which was incorporated on 13 April 2004 as a business with diversified interests is an expanded holding company with major areas of investment interests in: Transport,Farming and Security.





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