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Best Things About Summer

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A lot of  people feel most themselves  when temperatures start to rise — there’s just something about summer.


And so, in anticipation of almost everyone’s favourite season, here are the most awesome things about summer.


Summer has longer days

It’s almost like the warm weather during summer time will be making up for forcing us all indoors all winter by keeping the warm weather sun out longer. And it’s a good thing, too: With all the sports and vacations and get-togethers that people would have planned, they will definitely  need those extra daylight hours.


This is the best time where people enjoy outdoor events. Outdoor events such as eating or watching a movie outdoor are very popular during this season. People get to carry out  outdoor feasts together with their families and friends. A plethora of movie and music festivals are all over the warm wether during summer as well. This form of entertainment becomes scarcer during cooler weather, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Also, those who finish work late do not have to worry about the danger of walking in the dark, as the moon will be more brighter.


It is cheaper and easier for people to  travel

Summer is the perfect time to go on family vacations and it is the best time of the year to hit the road exploring and visiting beautiful parts of the country such as Victoria falls, Lake Kariba and  Lake Chivero among others.

Why is that?

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People can go on holiday trips or for picnics without having to worry  about carrying a lot of blankets or warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold. They can even pitch tents on their camping sites, without necessarily have to go through the expense of spending a vacation in an expensive hotel or booking resort.


Summer  makes vacations or family trips much easier (less stressingand less time consuming) to plan. Thus making people save a lot.


It allows people to dress more comfortably

This is the time where people finally throw off those heavy winter clothes; coats, sweaters, boots, gloves, scarves and ponchos : Pulling out cotton tees, linen dresses, crop tops and madras shorts will be definitely the right way to go in summer as they make you feel instantly lighter on your feet.


Summer is the right time to try out every fashion so that you know the type of dressing that suits you best. It is the time where women of all colours and sizes get to look awesome in clothes with colours that blend perfectly well with their skin tones.


You can eat anything you like

During this season farmers and markets teem with vibrant produce. Different fruits like peaches,  berries, watermelons and many other citric fruits are harvested during this time, hence they will be flooding the market. Giving people the pleasure of enjoying these tasty fruits and delicious sweet savory salads.

Also it is the right time to enjoy ice-cream and cold drinks. Sure, you could eat ice cream at any time of the year, but somehow it isn’t as satisfying as when you have a triple scoop cone on a hot summer day.


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