bazooa impregnant 3

“Ndine mababie akawanda mamwe ndotomitisa” hitmaker Bazooka real name Collet B Wahita is entangled in a nasty love triangle with three ladies and two of them pregnant.

H.Metro reports that Bazooker has really done it as he sang in his song following the allegations that he double-crossed his three lovers on social media.

Bazooker impregnated three ladies and one refused to reveal the identity and she claimed that she had been confronted on social media by two of Bazooker’s alleged girlfriend who had created a Whats app group with the centre man in the middle.

Images of the baby bump were shared in the group leading to a nasty fight between the ladies. Bazooka refused to comment on the allegations.

So, after all, we thought Bazooka was just singer yet he really was talking about his actions, ladies be warned……. “Bazooka haasi kukwata uyu…”“Kana mukadzi akanaka anotomudawo from the song Shungu” nekuwanda kwavo anotongodawo.

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