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ZESA Donates Electricity To Namibia

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Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) is expected to give more electricity to Namibia Electricity Company (NamPower).

ZESA officials are set to finalize negotiations with NamPower executives for the of 50 MegaWatts (MW) to Namibia and it's not the first time that these two countries are meeting up for electricity negotiations ZESA and NamPower signed a 15-year agreement in 2015 for zimbabwe to supply electricity to Namibia.

Namibia's Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Engel Nawatiseb made the announcement on the latest negotiations between Zimbabwe and Namibia.

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” NamPower and ZESA are set to finalize the on-going negotiations for the supply of an additional 50 MegaWatts to Namibia” said Nawatiseb.

In the initial agreement, ZESA will be exporting 130MW in total to NamPower from the current 80MW they are currently exporting.

This might be a bilateral agreement between ZESA and NamPower to improve the ongoing load-shedding in the country for Namibia to rehabilitate power stations in Zimbabwe.



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