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Violent Husband Abuses Wife With Karate Kicks

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Bulawayo based man Rwaringesu Mbengo allegedly abuses his wife practicing karate kicks on her as he once stabbed her in the stomach before knocking out her front teeth.

Precious Sibanda was granted a protection order against her violent husband as she pleaded with Western Commonage magistrate Mr. Urgent Mvundla who warned Mbengo that he risked being jailed if he continued to abuse his wife.

The woman said her marriage has been a nightmare having to take care of the children alone shouldering the burden on her own.

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“My husband sometimes uses weapons like knives and karate kicks to hit me. He once pulled off my dreadlocks with his teeth while he was assaulting me. Now I have lost my front teeth because of him. Sometime back, he stabbed me in my stomach when he came home late drunk. I now fear for my life if I continue staying with him,”

“He also accused me of being a prostitute and sometimes beats our five-year-old child for no reason. I wish the court to assist me because this is affecting him emotionally and physically”, said Ms. Precious Sibanda.

Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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