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66 New Buses From China Set To be Commissioned Next Week

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President Mnangagwa will next week commission another batch of 66 buses from China, as the Government continues equipping the resuscitated Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) and expanding its fleet so it can provide affordable and reliable mass transport.

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The company is expected to eventually resume its role at the apex of public transport.

President Mnangagwa confirmed the delivery of the new buses while addressing the Zanu-PF Youth League yesterday.

“In the transport sector, my administration acquired buses to resuscitate Zupco and ease the plight of the commuting public and we will be launching more buses next week,” he said.

“In addition, the Government recently extended the Zupco franchise to commuter omnibus operators.”

The 66 buses from China are part of a 1 000 bus order to complement a 500 buses from Belarus.

The latest batch of Golden Dragon buses started crossing the Limpopo at Beitbridge on Sunday evening from Durban, South Africa.

By yesterday, customs clearing agents contracted by Government were still busy with the import processes.

The latest development comes a few months after President Mnangagwa commissioned 86 Zupco buses between April and August, as the Government continues to rebuild the public transport system.

Zupco has also franchised 200 commuter omnibuses across the country, with plans to increase the number to 1 000.

Early this year it had franchised conventional buses to operate under its banner.

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