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Prophet Passion Dismisses The List Of 100 Most Influential Zimbabweans Under 40 For 2019

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Prophet Passion Java has dismissed the #3MOB list of 100 most influential Zimbabweans under 40 for 2019 as unworthy of consideration.

Prophet Twabam's argument was that the list is useless having spotted Mambo Dhuterere on number 6 whilst the likes of Winky D was rated at number 22 and Ginimbi at 36 who should have been in the top 5.

Fans have also dismissed the authenticity of the list saying that it's not all accurate since some of the best musicians and celebrities in the country have been misplaced on the list.

It seems that Prophet Passion is hurt by the fact that his fame has been taken away from him by Mambo Dhuterere who has become famous overnight.

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