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Bustop TV Strikes with Another Hilarious Skit: Mudhidhi Mudiki Anovhunduka ka!

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Mudhidhi mudiki anovhunduka ka!.

They are back at it again and this time they mean business. Bustop Tv is known for their social and political comedy skits addressing our day to day problems that we face each and every day as we live in the ghetto. The cast comprised of Gonyeti real name Samantha Kureya, Maggie real name Sharon Shamiso Chideu and the male Lucky. These three are keeping us laughing whilst they address the things that we face at the same time.

We are in the Month of fighting against gender-based violence and the Bustop crew had a hilarious way of both celebrating and pushing forward the message against gender-based violence. They made a hilarious skit and its a must-see. You know these guys are good and this to me is one of their best skits ever.

The people of ward 17 of Matadzembwa in Mapakomhere said that Gender-Based Violence is being triggered by poverty in the rural in their communities

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When poverty is on the rise, cases of GBV are on the rise too. Economic hardships have been a catalyst in most of the cases that of GBV that are being reported. An interview with the people of Mapakomhereshowed various causes of GBV was highlighted chief among them being poverty. 

Varaidzo Gapare a member in the community said that lack of adequate food supply can be attributed to trigger violent behaviour amongst family members. Check the video below…

Source – MbareTimes

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