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Government Slashes Mealie Meal Price By 50%

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The government has intervened in the mealie meal price increase situation by ordering a massive slash of mealie meal prices by 50 percent.

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has released a press statement announcing the new development just a few weeks after he had lifted all subsidies on the country's staple which made mealie meal prices skyrocket to around ZWL $100 for 10kgs packet.

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The new prices had left many people unhappy as mealie meal had become so expensive that the staple food had become a luxury item.

Government has subsidized mealie meal which means that the new subsidiary model will be targeting the production of roller meal as government funds the procurement of grain at market prices and selling the same to registered maize millers to ensure availability and affordability of the commodity resulting in new retail price of ZWL$ 50.



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