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Harare Motorists Continue With Double & illegal Parking Despite New Clamping & Towing Charges

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This aerial photograph shows vehicles that were double-parked outside parking bays along George Silundika Avenue in Harare last Friday. – Picture: Edward Zvemisha

Harare motorists continued with double parking and illegal parking despite new clamping and towing charges of between $500 and $900 taking effect last Friday.

City Parking marshals were not taking action on errant drivers, amid fears they could be taking pay-offs.

When The Herald did rounds in the city to check on the effect of the new fines, several vehicles were still double-parked at various places.

Motorists interviewed said a lot more needed to be done to bring order to the city center.

Tinashe Kambonde said: “I thought that the high fines would whip some people into line, but they did not or maybe we are being too expectant and there might need to wait a few days for results.

“If the results do not come, there might be a need for a holistic approach to address the issue. Fines might not do the trick.”

Another motorist, Mrs. Evelyn Magaso, blamed the lukewarm response to the fines by defaulting drivers to the reluctance of council officials to enforce them.

“I expected to see a lot of vehicles being clamped today so that errant drivers get the message that council means business, but as you can see some cars have been double-parked for hours now and no-one is taking action,” she said.

“I suspect that parking marshals are now cashing in on the new fees, otherwise why are they not taking action when they are empowered to do so.”

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There have been numerous allegations of corruption involving officials in the City’s Parking division.

A report with this publication recently alleged a motorist made an EcoCash payment of $10 to a parking attendant under reference number 207581, Txn ID MP190828.1404.D43291, but the marshal issued a $5 receipt.

When the reporter contacted City Parking public relations manager Mr. Francis Mandaza, he said the issue should be raised with the customer services department for investigations.

When contacted later on the outcome of the investigations, Mr. Mandaza was reluctant to shed light on the matter.

According to the new charges, clamping of light motor vehicles will now cost $500 up from $57, a 15-seater commuter omnibus will be charged $600, while the owner of an 18-seater bus will pay $700.

Conventional buses and lorries will now be penalized $800 and articulated heavy lorries $900.

Owners or drivers of towed vehicles, charges will now pay $500 to $800, depending on the type of vehicle.

Light motor vehicles will now be charged $500, while tow away fines for a 15-seater commuter omnibus and that of an 18-seater are now pegged at $700 and $800, respectively.

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